Saint James College Seminary
Master of  Parish / Spiritual Business Asministration
Our MBA degrees include studies in these brief examples:

* Terrible business moves religious institutions often make
* Marketing on a budget
* Customers who love you!
* Importance of OODA-Loops
* Signs -- Do's and Don'ts
* For-profit, not-for-profits
* Spiritual organization mgt.
* Coaching and counseling
* Psychology for managers
* Networking ... a must-do!
* Global markets and you
* Dealing with government
* Upsizing-downsizing
* Changing direction, reimaging
* Care of your own soul and health
* Finding your bliss
* When change must come
* Mission Statement - revisited
* Align the team with Vision
* Contracts - brief overview for ministers
* Negotiating with new staff, ministers
* Corporate structure/charters
* Business Planning
* Setting Strategic Goals
* Learning to preach about money
* All the other churches, synagogues in area
* Competitive Advantages
* Competitive Disadvantages
* Problem employees
* Problem bosses - challenging trustees
* Listening skills for business
* Retaining good employees
* Business start-ups:  new church ventures
* Technology and You
* Website importance
* Social media and church business
* Entrepreneurship - bringing in new programs
Time to stop
managing your
church in the
Even though it is
challenging to do
so, you must reach
out for both help...
and funding
You know how to be a
spiritual professional, but do
you have the skills needed to
be a manager, too?

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Pastoral Management
Giving - Your Support
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