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Is Online Ordination a good idea?  
With all the scams on the internet,
how do you find "the real thing"?


The simple answer is that, since you are
at our website, you have already located
a respectful, legitimate, fully-chartered
seminary program.  However, even
though this is
our website, we don't want
to appear gratuitous or self-serving.

    the hard
    As she
    to write
article, one of our administrators went to
the a leading search engine and
searched, "online ordination".

The first search engine results page
fifteen so-called seminaries,
each offering INSTANT ordination to
the ministry

One wanted $68.00 dollars for ordination
to their "church".  Their site said that it
was ideal for people who, for their own
personal reasons, didn't want to
to study!

Please stick with this thought for just
another moment:  They offered to
"ordain" people for $68.00 dollars with
studying whatsoever.  BUT,
if you wanted
to study at least some lesson, you could
buy a handful of them for $18.00 each

Shame and scandal!

The Love Church Worldwide offers
legitimate opportunities to study online
through our
American Chaplain Training
Institute, Saint James College Seminary,
The Women's College Seminary.

Back in the days when the internet was
just starting to really expand into an
important resource, our visionary
trustees noted that we were getting a
peculiar type of message from applicants.
    who were
studies with us tended to be mid-career
adults.  They told us that they were
already employed, had families...and
were simply not able to attend a bricks
and mortal campus at their phase of life.

Our trustees founded the world-first
online seminary, in conjunction with the
and research
center that we
operated in
Soon, however,
it became very clear that, while there
were bricks-and-mortar campuses
throughout the world, there was only
fully-chartered, legitimate, not-for-profit
seminary program, and it was ours.

We didn't intend to be pioneers who
re-wrote online educational history,
but our determination to listen to our
students and make every effort to
fulfill their needs, led us to where we
are today.

Still, fraudulent "ordination mills" clog the
internet, both trying to ruthlessly
separate you from your money and, at
the same time, make a mockery of God
and those dedicated men and women
who work tirelessly each day to bring
love, peace, justice, and redemption to
this planet.

It is a sad reality of our times that there
are so many people out there who are
willing to scam other people.  Recently, a
professor speaking at one of our
seminary's staff meetings used the term,
"Century of Scams" when referring to the
period that we have just entered.

There are Nigerian email spammers
(claiming to be the widow of a
wealthy general, etc.), fake "urgent
notices from your bank," dishonest
operators trying to get you to by
"sure-fire" stocks online...and...
are sleazy people claiming to be able
sell you "legitimate" ordinations
without studying.

True Ordination doesn't arrive  with a mere
click of a computer key!
Beach at our
Louisiana campus,
research center
What is God calling you to do?

Each of us is called according to what we
have been "given" by God -- and God
has different plans for each of us. We will
provide you with a historical perspective.