The Positive Thinking Church
Positive Thinking People!

What We Are:

* We are the first Love Church religious
denomination, established to be the parent
of local churches.  When others  thought our
name was wonderful enough to "borrow", we
emphasized our unique mission by expanding
our name to The Love Church
* We are Grounded in love.
* Unafraid of examining our beliefs.
* Christian. We believe Jesus was and          
remains the Son  of God and we wish to           
follow his teachings as to how to live a              
good life today...and in the hereafter..
* Non-patriarchal, gender-blind. Open and       
affirming interfaith community welcoming         
to all, regardless of faith tradition.

What We Are Not:

We do not subscribe to an angry, smiting God.
Rather, we believe we are all beloved sons and
daughters of God, always and everywhere
surrounded by sacred love!
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The Love Church
Love is never far away...
we have merely  to open
our hearts to its presence!
The Positive-Thinking Church for Positive-Thinking

We are a New Thought in the Gospels'
New Covenant!

  • Jesus is the bringer...guarantor...of a
    New and Better covenant with the
    Almighty. -- Hebrews 7:22

  • Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge
    against anyone among your people, but
    love your neighbor as yourself.   --  
    Leviticus 19:18

  • The foreigner residing among you must
    be treated as your native-born. Love
    them as yourself, for you were
    foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD
    your God.  -- Leviticus 19:33

  • A new commandment I give unto you,
    that you love one another as I have
    loved you.  And, love God with all your
    heart.  This is the greatest
    commandment.  --  John 13:14.

  • Love your neighbor as yourself.  
    -- Mark 12:31  

A New Thought Church, then,
is actually an
ancient one. But, the religion of our ancestors
is at risk of withering and passing into
oblivion during our cruel and self-centered
modern times.  

A New Thought Church is one that focuses
like a laser beam on the love-based teachings
of holy scripture.  
This includes love for and
service to those who are "different" from us...
equality among the justice...
forgiveness for wrongdoing...and a steadfast
commitment to do better tomorrow.

Very few people were born into New Thought
churches. Most of us started on our spiritual
journeys in the religions of our childhoods.  
As it turns out, many of us are refugees from
other churches.

  • Some were fundamentalists who could
    no longer reconcile the angry, smiting,
    dangerous God of the Old Testament
    with the positive, creative, love-based
    teachings of Christ
    in the New Testament.

  • Others are, for a myriad of personal
    reasons, former Catholics and
    Episcopalians, people who
    love ritual, the Eucharist, and who
    honor the antiquity of their

  • Some are 12-Step people whose
    recovery caused them to begin a
    comprehensive spiritual journey that
    led here.

  • Others are the "walking wounded,"
    victims of abuse, domestic violence,
    divorce, widowhood...people who have
    gravitated toward our inclusive, love-
    based, community.

    "I am the vine; you are the
    -- John 15:5.

The common thread of our non-
denominational Love Church is that we do not
spoon feed dogma;  we do not attempt to
coerce others into believing as we do.  

Yet we know with certainty that we are all
"made out of the stuff of God" ... that God's
Energy and Love and Creativity not only
flows through us, but as daughters and sons
of God, God lives in and through us.

    Jesus said:  "I came that you
    may have life, and have it
    abundantly" (John 10:10).

We here at The Love Church Worldwide
strongly encourage empowerment, healing,
abundance in life, and the Highest-And-Best-
Outcomes for all, regardless of gender, race,
religious or cultural heritage.
We are one in
God's spirit

We are a community of
positive people -- and you are
welcome to study with us!

We are dedicated to bringing a spiritual life to
those seeking a Love-based non-denominational
church home. We are God-centered, we are
gently accepting and welcoming, and our aim is
to know God's infinite love for us and that we are
"souls" that live eternally as a part of God. Christ
said it all.

We come from all walks of life, and are of all
ages. We are drawn together by our need for
life-long learning and discovery and awareness of
our inexorable part in God's Being.

Most of us come from a Christian background
and, yes, we do consider do consider Christ to
be the son of God. And, he later clarified that to
say that we are all God's children, reiterated by
Paul. However, searchers from other traditions
such as Native American,  Buddhist, Hindu,etc.,
are also warmly welcomed!

Sadly, religious orthodoxy has often been used
as a hammer rather than an olive branch.
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Consider Reverend
Martin Luther King's

'Hatred and bitterness can never
cure the disease of fear, only
can do that.  We must evolve.  To
end human conflict, we require a
method which rejects revenge,  
aggression, and retaliation.  The
foundation of such a method is
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Learn how religion is
beginning to understand
the importance of saving
God's earthly creation
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The Love Church
Worldwide believes
that God is Infinite,
All-knowing, Creative,
Supreme, Universal,
Eternal, Omnipresent.

Christians and Jews
believe that God is
the Creator, the
"Father" of all things.

And, we are a part of
this creation.  Jesus

"I am the vine ... you
are the branches."  
We all are
-- John15:5.
The Love sculpture portrayed at the top is
on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Our portrayal is based on a photo by Grafixar.
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